DCEvil.com Guest Blogger Guidelines

Our mission at Don’t Compromise with Evil (DCEvil.com) is very simple.  Regardless of the issue in question, we highlight the fact that compromising with evil can, in effect, lead to promoting evil.

For our guest bloggers, being clear and concise about their issue is very important for our readers.

So, for potential guest bloggers, let’s define exactly what we mean by not compromising with evil:

  • Evil: is a deliberate harmful action.
  • Evil is not an opposing viewpoint or ideology. 
  • Evil is not an individual person, organization, business, or government entity. 


  • However, we consider “evil” as a premeditated, harmful action done by an individual person, organization, business, or government entity.

We only accept original, high-quality guest blog submissions on topics listed below that directly relate to our mission.

  • Politics
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Health 
  • Business 
  • Society 

Check out our Guest Post Submission Do’s and Don’ts.

You need to read and agree to abide by the following guidelines before submitting a blog post for consideration.


Eligible for Consideration:


  • Posts are well written, using the tone, spirit, and mission of DCEvil.com .
  • And requires little or no editing; formatted with a title, and 500 – 700 words in length.
  • Provide a link to a Google Doc with your Post article & turn sharing ON.
  • Authors’ bio – up to 75 words in length including one link to the author’s website and/or social media. Authors also have the option of submitting a photo with their bio.
  • Post submissions must be original content and cannot be republished elsewhere, but may be freely linked to and shared through social media.
  • Legitimate sources should be cited appropriately, with links included, and make sure that statistics if used, are cited and up to date.
  • You retain ownership of your post but, if you do publish elsewhere at a later date, please reference that the work originally appeared on DCEvil.com and link to our website. When re-posting on your own website or blog, please link to the original version of your article/essay on our site.
  • Post submissions must meet our editorial quality standards in order to be published. We are not obligated to provide you with a reason for rejecting your submitted post and we reserve the right to remove and/or delete the post without notice for any reason we deem sufficient.
  • We also reserve the right to edit blog posts as necessary and to select an image from our own photo library to illustrate the blog posts. If you would like to submit your own image to illustrate the blog post, please only send images that you own or have permission to publish, and include all credits and/or attributions required for the image.

Please contact us with questions about submissions. We get swamped with emails.  So make sure you include in the Subj: DCEvil.com Guest Post Query.

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