America’s Ugly Hypocrisy on Immigration

Sep 19, 2019 | latest acts of evil, Law, Politics, Republicans, Society

Why is this evil?

On 9/11/2019,  the sacred anniversay of 9/11, the Supreme Court of the United States slamed the door shut on refugees seeking asylum in the United States of America.

This is a nation of immigrants.  Just review your history. Since the landing of the Mayflower in 1620, and even before, immigrants have flocked to America for a better life, fleeing persecution and oppression. 

Editor’s Viewpoint:

It’s nauseating to think that we are also a nation of hypocrites.  The poetic language and sentiments of the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence espousing equality, justice and liberty for all takes on fairy tale proportions in today’s America 

As we strive toward that ideal democracy, we leave in its wake an ugly underbelly of hypocrisy, racism, and classism. 

Just look at our official government policy towards Latinx asylum seekers, Hurricane Dorian Bahamian refugees, and even American “citizens” from Puerto Rico.

The vicious impact of our current, bigoted perspective as a nation will negatively impact generations of Americans to come.

Clearly, participating in a diverse equitable society creates fear and anxiety among those who don’t know their history, cannot appreciate their own diverse cultures, and distort Christian values to maintain their goals of exclusion.

This Supreme Court decision and those to come, I’m afraid, will continue to make a dismal mockery of Lady Liberty’s principles

Instead of fortifying America’s role as a magnanimous super power, these antics will do nothing more than continue to diminish “our moral purpose” in the eyes of the world community.

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(The Guardian.com) The supreme court ruled on Wednesday to allow the Trump administrationto enforce nationwide restrictions that would prevent most Central American immigrants from seeking asylum in the US.

immigration debate

(BBC News) The US Supreme Court has allowed the government to severely limit the ability of migrants to claim asylum. The policy bars people arriving at the US southern border from seeking protection if they failed to do so in a country they passed through en route.


big immigration debate

(Reason.com) The U.S. Supreme Court is allowing the Trump administration to enforce a new anti-asylum rule while a legal challenge to the policy proceeds. The change makes it harder for Central Americans fleeing violence and poverty to be admitted into the U.S. legally

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