Traditional Media, Social Media, and We The People

Nov 5, 2019 | latest acts of evil, Politics, Technology

Why is this evil?

The purposeful political manipulation of mass media to cover up an act of evil on behalf of an entity and/or for financial gain. Our failure, as a nation, to recognize the severity of media manipulation for political gains weakens our ability to make “ informed” decisions.

Editor’s Viewpoint:

There is a basic, fundamental principle that most of us fail to remember whenever we encounter media. Whatever piece you read, whatever video you watch, whatever program you view or listen to, there is always an agenda.

Whether the viewpoint is right, left, or center of the political spectrum, as the consumer, it’s your responsibility, as an American citizen, to view each through the lens of objectivity until you find out what is factual, alternative facts (no such thing), or just out and out lies.

And we’re all guilty – you read something, hear something, or view something, and, for most of us, our human instinct’s initial reaction is to take it at face value.

And, sadly, many of us stay stuck at face value, making many life decisions on faulty information.

As wonderful as the Age of Social Media is for most of us, it does present a burdensome reality i.e. learning how to become a fact finder and bear witness to the truth.

Smartphone and social media concept

If our jobs or occupations don’t demand this of us, then who has the time in this universe of information overload.

Bottom line is that if you want to make the best decisions for you, your family, and your community, then becoming a fact-finder is not an option, but a major life responsibility.


Do not… meaning your should not engage, deal with, or work for.


Compromise is the act of surrendering core values or beliefs in order to achieve a perceived solution.


We define evil as a deliberate harmful action.

Evil is not an opposing viewpoint or ideology.

Evil is not an individual person, organization, business, or government entity.

However, evil is the premeditated, harmful action done by an individual person, organization, business, or government entity.

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